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2013 Top Ten China LED industry technology frontier hot words

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In 2013, led the market's hot, also came to market to be outdone, the new hot keywords. COB, HV-LED, eutectic technology, COB fired thermal technology market, in addition to flip, flip, free height of the package set off a technology market, finally led industryneeds made MOCVD equipment, intelligent lighting, packaging of future modules of the future success of the led industry trends. Signs, led lighting technology as a whole experiences the vagaries of market testing and unprecedented challenges. At the close, together, let us look back on those top ten hot technology worthy of historical memory keywords.

Key words one:COB

As LED the market fall, commercial lighting, general lighting applications this huge market and strong demand in areas such as special lighting, backlighting, promote increasing brightness of the led light source unit. COB packaging in limited volume level perpendicular to the heat sink and the heat sink has better performance, achieve higher power suitable for small areas. Itself has the following advantages:

1, superior performance: the use of cob technology, bare die directly tied to the chip on the PCB Board, eliminating the requirements for wire bonding connections, make the product more reliable and stable performance.

2, higher integration: with COB technology, eliminating the chips with the link between the application circuit board foot, improved product integration.

3, smaller size: uses COB technology, because PCB double bind mount, reduces the size of cob application module, expands the application of cob module space.

4, more accessibility, more streamlined product flow: the original cluster bus technology is used, between COB plate and plate pin easy interconnection eliminates using chips to go through processes such as welding, can reduce the difficulty, simplifies the process and makes the product easier to replace, enhanced product usability.

5, lower costs: COB technology is carried out directly on the PCB Board binding packages, releases chips need to plant the ball, the cost of processing such as welding, and user board design easier, effectively reducing the cost of embedded products.

Keyword two: HV-LED

HVLED itself is high voltage LED, compared with traditional DCLED, with high packaging costs low, warm white light effect, high drive power efficiency, low line loss advantage. In particular:

Directly on the chip level 1, HVLED achieved a series-parallel connection of micro-grains, making it work under low current and high voltage, and will simplify the chip die, bond number, packaging cost reduction.

2, HV chip forming many micro-grain integrated in the unit area, avoiding the chip BIN such as wavelength, voltage and brightness consistency problems span;

3, HVLED chip is in small-current-driven power chip can be integrated with red LED chip + yellow phosphors form a warm white light than traditional fluorescent powder + yellow DCLED+ red phosphors form a warm white light with high efficiency, and reduces LED warm white and cold white packaging efficiency gaps and easier to achieve light highlighted;

4, HVLED because of their high voltage, easy package voltage close to the utility of the finished product, increased drive power conversion efficiency, due to the low operating current, the line loss in the finished application will also be significantly lower than traditional DC power LED chip.

Key words three: eutectic technology

Another in 2013 hottest packaging technology is the eutectic.

Eutectic is the eutectic solder at a relatively low temperature eutectic fusion phenomenon, directly from the solid state to the liquid eutectic alloy, without the plastic phase, balance is a liquid and two solid state reactions. Its melting temperature eutectic temperature.

Eutectic welding technology for the most critical is the eutectic welding temperature control and material selection. If using eutectic welding, grains at the bottom can be pure Tin (Sn) or gold-Tin (Au-Sn) alloys for surface coating, grain can be plated with gold or silver-welding on the baseboard. When the substrate is heated to suit the eutectic temperature, gold or silver into gold-tin alloy layer changes enhance the melting point of the alloy layer composition, eutectic solidification of welding in heat sink and LED fastening or substrate. Eutectic layer and heat sinks or substrate is fully bonded as one, breaking from the chip to the baseboard heat in the cooling system bottlenecks, improve LED lifetime.

Although this technique was used by the manufacturers, but usually chip architecture as a Sapphire substrate and cannot apply eutectic technology. But by 2013 along with non-Sapphire substrate chip programme increased, plus the use of Sapphire substrates and high power chip makers introduced more flip chip structure, eutectic technology allows packaging manufacturers the option to enhance the technical competitiveness of China. Thus the ruifeng, strays so many firms such as eutectic die invests the purchase of expensive equipment.

Key words four, flip-chip technology

Flip-chip technology is composed of wafers, substrates, the bumps form a space, and circuit structures encapsulated inside this space. Package out of chips has characteristics of small volume, high performance, short lines and so on.

Flip-chip technology with compound annual growth rates of up to 19%, but it is not new, as early as 30 years ago, was first introduced into the market by IBM; as a result, flip-chip package could easily be considered a mature technology for the older, less attractive.

In fact, regardless of the packaging technology will ultimately need to bump (bumping) stage of the process. In 2012, the bumping technique in the middle of the process spread over 81% of installed capacity in the field, about when 14 million pieces of 12-inch wafers; Fab loading rate the same for high standards, in particular copper pillar bumping platform (Cu Pillar Platform,88%).

Flip-chip packaging market, estimated in 2012, amounting to us $ 20 billion (for the process areas of the middle of the biggest market), Yole Developpement expects the market will continue to grow at an annual rate of 9%, size of US $ 35 billion in 2018.

New generation of flip-chip package IC is expected to revolutionise the market landscape, and driving the market's demands for wafer bumping technology; Yole Developpement Lionel Cadix, advanced packaging technology analyst says: "on 3D integration and transcending Moore's law means, and flip-chip packaging is one of the key technologies and achieve unprecedented precision wafer integration system. "Flip-chip packaging is working with industry on new copper pillar bumping and re-shaping the needs of micro-bump technology, is gradually becoming the mainstream chip interconnect new bumping metallurgy technology.

Keyword  five, OLED

OLED is known as organic light-emitting diodes, are light emitting diodes based on organic semiconductor materials. OLED due to its solid, active light, thin, ultra high contrast, low power consumption, no viewing angle limitations, response speed, wide operating temperature range, flexible and easy to implement large area, low power consumption advantages. At present OLED in handsets and other small-size display areas to be applied, in large size TV and the lighting industry's development potential has been recognized by the industry. OLED is now seen as one of the 21st century's most promising displays and lighting products.

OLED, from 2012, the official lighting of the stage, whereas at present only a small role, but substitute for the LED has a large threat.

In April of this year's Frankfurt Show, Philips display latest OLED technology LumibladeOLEDGL350 Panel for the first time, each GL350OLED the panel size of approximately 155 square centimeters, and brightness of up to 115LM.

On May 8, 2012-11th United States Las Vegas lighting show, Philips showcased an OLED mirrors product again, it will auto sense the body's close or not, automatically around OLED light modules are adjusted to intermediate dimming mirror effect. Intelligent lamps and OLED concept of success together.

As a leading brand in the global lighting market, Philips, betting OLED is very obvious.

Key wordssix, flip technique

Flip-chip is called "inverted" is relative to the conventional metal wire bonding connection (Wire Bonding) and planted the ball after the process. Through wire bonding with the substrate of the traditional electrical connection the chip facing up, and flip-chip electrical face down, would be equivalent to the former upside down and called it a "flip-chip".

Flip-chip is the essence of the traditional craft based on chip's luminous and electrode area not designed in the same plane when you mount the electrode surface toward the bottom of the Cup, this process can take the welding line, but to die during this process of high precision, it is difficult to achieve higher yields.

Advantages: technical on Sapphire substrates by MOCVD growth of GaN-based LED structural layer, by the p/n junction light hair light through the p-type region above projected. Due to poor conduction performance of p-type GaN, in order to get good current expansion, evaporation technology is required in the p-electrode layer formed on the surface of metal consisting of a layer of Ni-Au. P zone leads through the layer of metal film leads. For good current expansion can't Ni-Au metal electrode layer is too thin. To this end, the luminous efficiency of the devices would be greatly affected, often taking into account the current expansion and extraction efficiency of two factors. But no matter under what circumstances, metal film, always make transmission worse. In addition, lead solder is also enabling the extraction efficiency of the device is affected. Use GaNLED flip chip structure can eliminate the problem.

Due to the high power commercial lighting gradually to the high current and high brightness, integration, development needs, with gold wire are mounted perpendicular to the chip, chip packaging technology there are some unavoidable disadvantage, such as gold, cold solder joint, surges, spikes, high flow capacity, encapsulated silicone line gold in gold thread breakage caused by thermal expansion and contraction, process issues affecting yield.

Keywords seven, free packaging technology

Dr Chen Zhengyan said of the Center for research and development in the new century, package technology technology integration, instead of letting the packaging disappears, or is encapsulated essentially. As far as he is concerned, as long as the Blu-ray + phosphors to achieve white light is the process of packaging. Packaging technology for hot-free as to why the market reasons, Dr Chan said that as the package omits some of the links are can do technology with the lowest production costs.

PFC-free packaging products, using flip chip chip based design does not need line, PFC-free packaging-wafer product has the advantage of light efficiency increased to 200lm/W, beam angle is greater than the 300-degree ultra wide angle Zhou Guang design, plus you don't have to use secondary optical lens will reduce light efficiency and cost depletion.

PFC new flagship LED lighting market. Especially on the candle light, not only simulated tungsten modeling, and can break the thermal limits the size of, and instead of a traditional candle lamp of 40W tungsten wire to 3.5W 350lm output efficiency.

Key words eight,  MOCVD

And just last month in 2013, Dragon rising semiconductor photoelectric investments, chint Group's ideal energy rolled off domestic MOCVD equipment. Homemade MOCVD of shock from the depressed market environment the extremists and set off a boom.

And not enough confidence in the market, Sheng photoelectric more emphasis has been debugged before they are published in more than 300 cast. Each oven can host 2-inch wafer 60-80. A time, hidden homemade MOCVD market rekindled enthusiasm for a long time.

Incomplete statistics show that China has developed and claim up to more than 20 companies and research institutes in the development of MOCVD over no less lively than extension of chip factory.

On China's long-term development of Semiconductor Lighting industry layout, with a local maker of MOCVD equipment may be needed, if an industry rapid development, upstream of critical equipment is totally dependent on foreign enterprises, will inevitably fall into most of the profits were taken away a disadvantage.

Issued by the Ministry of the high-end equipment manufacturing "Twelve-Five" development plan put forward by 2015, high-end equipment manufacturing sales revenue exceeded 6 trillion yuan, in the equipment manufacturing industry increased to 15% per cent; by 2020, high-end equipment manufacturing industry sales revenues increased to 25% per cent in the equipment manufacturing industry. Semiconductor Lighting industry promulgated by the Ministry of science and technology "Twelve-Five" also put forward in the plan, by 2015, the nationalization of large MOCVD equipment, the key raw material to achieve.

This means doing MOCVD may now get massive subsidies from the Government, so it is not difficult to understand localization for the demands of so many companies to enter the industry. However, the first two-year extension of the manufacturer's frantic expansion, markets has been excessive overdraft demand for MOCVD equipment, how the prospects of domestic equipment, you also need to test from the market.

Keywords nine: modular

Lighting is a basic human need, lighting, also represents the level of economic activity. A led lighting, from design, material selection, testing, certification to finally put on the market, and expensive, long cycle. Tends to go to an ad hoc process appears more competitive products already on the market, a lot of costly new design also had a chance to recover the cost of new products will be delisted. In the current more competitive survival under difficult conditions, small businesses face competition when new products are often powerless to catch up again, you can only choose to stick to the old product or plagiarism.

And visionary operators thought of LED modules, which should belong to the ZHAGA Union one of the most influential. The Alliance is currently the most internationally visible led light engine interchangeability (Interchangeability) interface standard, aimed at promoting the global standardization of led lighting system interface, thereby achieving compatibility and interchangeability between products from different manufacturers, to protect consumer's buying interest. In fact, although the ZHAGA was initiated by nine leading manufacturers, but now has 190 members worldwide, their popularity can be seen in the industry.

Lighting manufacturers, lighting design made simple. Lighting manufacturers only need to focus on the final manufacture of the lamp or lamps, as long as the fuse avoidex exploding ZHAGA interface is compatible with, lighting design of the ray from a complex system of heat into a simple assemble flow. Manufacturers can spend more effort and resources on the production management and marketing. So at least on the core components of the design, large small manufacturers an opportunity to stand on the same platform.

In 2013, we see GE, Addison, Qi Han optoelectronics, Puri, many manufacturers have turned to the ZHAGA MIC camp, modular, modular standardization trend is irreversible.

Keywords ten: be smart lighting

Intelligent lighting refers to the use of computers, wireless communications, computer data transmission, spread spectrum power line carrier communication technology for intelligent information processing and technologies such as energy-saving electrical control consisting of wireless telemetry, remote control, remote control system, to achieve intelligent lighting control. With weak regulation of brightness, light features such as soft start, Timer control, set the scene and reached safety, energy saving, comfortable and efficient features.

Design programmable intelligent lighting system using the main power supply for lighting control module output power, lights turn on and off and brighten, Dim designed by programmable multi-function button panel control between the control module and keyboard connected via a low-voltage control bus. Control module and press the panel inside the microprocessor, memory and control bus interface circuit, they work under low voltage conditions, all controller and Panel can be achieved through programming for the lamp brightness control on the road, so they can produce different lighting scenes and effects of system control.

Occupy the mainstream or traditional lighting power supply system in China where there is a general acceptance of intelligent lighting concept is not high. But by 2013, intelligent lighting not only in the event Rookie, accompanies large-area lighting energy-saving projects across the country, and more cases began to use intelligent lighting control system. In the lighting market in the future, based on intelligent lighting technology will account for market dominance.

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