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2014 LED industry trends

2017-06-13 00:00Views:1040times

2013 led market fights uproar, eventually development of the led industry is how it will be, it depends led manufacturers to develop, Elover adapt to market changes in a timely manner to change the development strategy, has a place in the market led. It led the development of the situation to analyze industry trends of the year 2014.


War and the trend is turning performance in the patent war fighting price wars and performance pressure in the next 2 years, the domestic chip manufacturers from the current 51 from the price war, merger integration to about 10. 2-5 home where scale enterprises, particularly in the segments of the achievements of 3-5. So has the economies of scale that can Kangzhu price war, good technology will survive.


In the downstream extrusion, packaging will go in both directions. First, the horizontal, vertical integration, walking scale. The second is to extend downstream lamps. Many companies have realized this problem, started preparations for the transition.


Transition quickly, has the advantages of traditional channels of lighting companies have great advantages, the slow transformation of traditional lighting companies will die. Most do not scale led companies first, and the channel is very expensive, and can not afford to shop, shop less not any effect. So most companies will be led to domestic and foreign manufacturers do oem or odm, exports accounted for most of the lighting market. The strength of led companies began looking for a large-scale channels, scale advantages of enterprise integration, or the formation of strategic alliances.

Elover will adapt to market changes and make timely adjustments, not only product categories:led corn light,led tube,led street light,led high bay light,led flood light,led tunnel light,led pannel light .And the production model, the company's development plans are to adapt to the market and lead the market.

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