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London started the largest LED street lighting renovationg project

2017-06-13 00:00Views:884times

London started by far the largest LED street lighting renovation project.

London recently launched its biggest one so far to modernize street lighting project , planned in 2016 to about 35,000 of its street lighting throughout the city used 52,000 lamps were replaced with energy-efficient LED lights. Works also include a new control system for the use of remote control and adjust the lighting level of the traffic flow path.

The first phase of the project cost is estimated at 1.09 million pounds , but it can bring about 185,000 pounds per year of energy savings as well as 9,700 tons of CO2 emission reductions.

Transport for London , said before the start of the project successfully in 2011 in Thames Street tunnel conducted a pilot run , the tunnel became the first UK linear LED lighting tunnel , and 60% reduction in energy consumption , while also reducing maintenance costs. Project management system is also Birmingham , Croydon , Lewisham and Hackney were test run.

Prior to London , Los Angeles , Las Vegas and New York City have been carried out across the city to replace the LED lighting engineering . Mayor of London Boris Johnson said: "With our road system is installed on thousands of street lights , we have reason to mention the energy and resources of the 21st century standard which is the main road in the history of the British capital . lighting modernization aspects biggest investment , it can not only reduce carbon emissions and cost savings , but also to bring better and safer roads for the citizens of London."

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